St. Peter's CCC Preschool

12 West Sauk Trail

Frankfort, IL


2019-2020 School Calendar

September 3rd 

Parent Orientation 9am OR 7pm

Meet the Teacher Morning,

   M/W 2 & 3's: 9:30-10am;  T/T 10-10:30am; 4's 9:45-10:15am; 

September 4th M/W 2 & 3's,and 4's First Day

September 5th T/T 2 & 3's First Day

September 18 & 19th Teddy Bear Day

September 25 & 26th Spirit Day

September 25th Fundraiser Orders Due

September 26th Open House T/T~6:30pm; 4's~6:45pm; M/W~7pm;

October 9th School Pictures 2,3, & 4's

October 10th School Pictures 2 & 3's

October 14th NO SCHOOL Columbus Day

October 16th & 17th Hat Day

October 23 & 24th: Spirit Day

October 30th M/W 2 & 3's Halloween Party

October 31st T/T 2, 3, and 4's Halloween Party

November 4th Field Trip Children's Farm 2,3, & Mrs. B's Class

November 5th Field Trip Children's Farm 2, 3, & Miss Brandi's

November 11 & 12th Red, White and Blue Day

November 13 & 14th Spirit Day

November 20th 2, 3, and 4's Thanksgiving Party

November 21st 2 & 3's Thanksgiving Party

November 21st 4's Thanksgiving Feast

November 25 & 26th NO SCHOOL Parent Conferences

November 27th NO SCHOOL 

November 22nd  NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving

December 4 & 5th: Spirit Day

December 11 & 12th Santa Hat Day

December 16th Christmas Program Grand Prairie  6:30pm

December 17th T/T 2 & 3's Christmas Party

December 18th M/W 2, 3, and 4's Christmas Party

December 19th-January 6th NO SCHOOL  Christmas Break

January 6th School Resumes & Registration for 2020-2021 Opens to Current Families

January 15 & 16 Crazy Hair Day

January 20th  NO SCHOOL Martin Luther King Day

January 22 & 23rd Spirit Day

February 10th: Grandparent's Day 2, 3, & Mrs. B

February 11th: Grandparent's Day 2, 3, & Miss Brandi

February 12th M/W 2 & 3's Valentine's Party

February 13th T/T 2, 3 & 4's Valentine's Party

February 17th NO SCHOOL President's Day

February 18th NO SCHOOL Teacher's Institute

February 19 & 20th Super Hero and Princess Day

February 26 & 27th  Spirit Day

March 5th NO SCHOOL Teacher Conference

March 11 & 12th: Career Day

March 17th: Field Trip Frankfort Police Dept. T/T 3's and 4's

March 18th: Field Trip Frankfort Police Dept. M/W 3's

March 25 & 26th Spirit Day

March 30th-April 5th Spring Break

April 6th School Resumes

April 8 & 9th Easter Parties

April 13th NO SCHOOL Parent Conferences

April 15 & 16th: Silly Sock Day

April 22 & 23rd: Spirit Day

April 29 & 30th Field Trip to see Aladdin at Moraine VCC

May 4 & 5th: Sunglass Day

May 6th Mother's Day Tea 2's~10:15am; 3's~10:30am; Mrs. B~10:40am

May 7th Mother's Day Tea 2's~10:15am; 3's~10:30am; Mrs. K~10:40am

May 11 & 12th Spirit Day

May 13th Dad's and Donut Day 2's~10:15am; 3's~10:30am; Mrs. B~10:40am

May 14th Dad's and Donut Day 2's~10:15am; 3's~10:30am; Mrs. K~10:40am

May 18th Spring Celebration M/W 2's 10:15am; 3's 10:30am

May 19th Spring Celebration T/T 2's 10:15am; 3's 10:30pm

May 19th Mrs. B Spring Celebration 6:30pm

May 20th All Classes: Fort Frankfort Picnic

May 20th Miss Brandi Spring Celebration 6:30pm