St. Peter's CCC Preschool

12 West Sauk Trail

Frankfort, IL


Our classroom includes an area for circle time, work centers, and dramatic play. We have a housekeeping center; computer, book and listening center, puzzles, transportation and block center, legos and trains, and magnet and manipulative center, writing center, sand and water table.
On a monthly basis we also include a new learning center: camping, McDonald's, pizza restaurant, Christmas, sandwich shop, mail center, vet center, and flower store.
Three Year Old Classroom
The three year old classroom is bright and inviting for our little ones. There is a special area for circle time where the children sit, sing, and dance! They learn about the month and days as well as dress the special weather frog each morning. There is also a reading area, sand table, housekeeping center, transportation center, and block area. Four child sized tables are used for projects and snacks.
Two Year Old Classroom
The two year old classroom is just the right size for our littlest ones to explore! There are many learning toys and fun things to play with. The children sing and dance, complete projects and table time games as well! There are age appropriate centers for two year olds to explore.