St. Peter's CCC Preschool

12 West Sauk Trail

Frankfort, IL


2 Year Old Program

Monday and Wednesday's

OR Tuesday and Thursday's 

Class Time 8:45am to 11am    

Drop Off: 8:45am-9am

As part of the 2 year old program, your child will find St. Peter's Preschool a fun place to learn and play. We will have brief circle times to introduce curriculum concepts through songs, stories, and activities. We will also learn routine school behaviors like walking in line, taking turns, listening, telling stories, using good snack manners and treating learning materials with care.  Socially we will focus on learning to share, separating from mom, how to work in a group and using words to express their needs and feelings.

"Play is the work of the Child" 

 Jean Piaget